Four Rules to Satisfy a Woman in the Bedroom

Here Are The Only Things You Need To Know About Satisfying Your Woman

Here Are The Only Things You Need To Know About Satisfying Your Woman


Hello and welcome to today it’s all about helping you to satisfy your woman or sexual partner.

In the bedroom, most women aren’t looking for men to last forever or for them to look like an Adonis. Women consider other things more important than staying power.

Here’s four golden rules to keep in mind if you want a woman coming back for more.

Here's How To Make Her Orgasm

Here’s How To Make Her Orgasm

Before You get Undressed the Foreplay Starts:

Women say that they want more foreplay. Men often see the foreplay as a warmup to the main event and try to do as little as possible.

Men must understand that this is a mistake because women find foreplay to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of sex.

Men can reach an orgasm quickly, but women need more time to reach that same point.

There are many different types of foreplay. You need to ask your lady what she likes and doesn’t like, then you can try different things to get it right.

All women are different and may prefer one move over another. 

Foreplay can start at any time. It may start in the morning or the afternoon.  Anticipation is a very powerful thing.

Maybe you can offer to cook a meal or just watch a movie together. If you give your woman some attention, then this will put her in the right frame of mind and she will spend the day thinking about the evening with you.

One thing you could do is to send a text or an e-mail to remind your lady that you’re looking forward to spending the evening with her as this will almost guarantee that you’ll have a great night together.

If you use this type of foreplay, it’s going to turn your lady on. You must tickle her imagination before you touch her body. This will ensure that you’re off to a great start.

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You Need To Know Where The Clitoris Is

You Need To Know Where The Clitoris Is

Know Where Her Clitoris Is:

You need to know the female anatomy. You should pay attention to her clitoris during foreplay and during sex. A woman needs stimulation of the clitoris to have a climax. So ensure that you pay attention to this part of her body.

The clitoris isn’t located inside the vagina, and penetration sex while enjoyable won’t get a woman to orgasm like it will for a man.

Oral sex or using your hands on the clitoris is recommended. You may want to use different moves or shift positions as this can also help your lady to reach orgasm.

You should ask her what feels good and then keep doing what she likes.

One thing you don’t want to do is shift positions too often as a woman needs time to build up sensations.

You can change positions at first and experiment, but if you find a position where she is stimulated in the right ways, then do the same thing.

You don’t want to deny her of an orgasm because you have been in the same position for a long time. Don’t make her think you’re going to give her an orgasm and then take that away from her.

You Need To Pay Her Compliments

You Need To Pay Her Compliments

Compliments To Your Woman Are A Must:

A woman wants to feel sexier than the glossy pictures in your men’s magazines. You want to tell a woman that she smells great, looks great, and that will make her feel great as a woman, they need to hear these things.

When a woman has imperfections they will weigh on her mind and if she is self-conscious she may not enjoy sex.

You must counteract all the critical opinions that she has about her body. Society puts a lot of pressure on women and you must assure that you will make her feel good and look good.

Try to compliment her as much as you can as this will go a long way towards having an enjoyable sex life.

Tell her that the models don’t hold a candle to her, she won’t believe you, but secretly she’s going to want to sleep with you more often.

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You Must Comunicate with your woman

You Must Communicate with your woman

Communication, Women Are Social Creatures:

You should talk openly with your lady about fantasies that you might want to explore together. Women tend to about other things than men and with sex, this is no different.

Tell her if something feels good to you and praise her about how good she feels and looks. Take your time with foreplay and learn what she likes.

In the bedroom, communication is key so don’t assume everything is fine if she doesn’t complain or demand something from you.

Talk to her about what she likes and you can do this before, during, or after sex. If you communicate you might start something amazing with her. You may discover that both of you harbour the same fantasies.

If you don’t talk about things, you’ll never know what the two of you like. One thing you must not ask her is if she has had an orgasm yet.

She Needs To Orgasm Man

She Needs To Orgasm Man

If you must ask her, this hasn’t happened yet. If you do this, you’ll kill the moment. This will add pressure on her and it kills the passion.

If you have problems in the bedroom with your sexual stamina, then you should communicate this with your lady. If your woman likes you, then she will be willing to talk to you about it and the two of you can work on this together.

If you don’t talk about problems, they will just get worse so don’t be afraid to speak up.

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If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.


I hope this has been of help and will keep you updated with any other useful advice I come across so stay posted.

Have fun and above all stay safe



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