Coping with Erectile Dysfunction:

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Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, but try to hide this. They may feel angry about it, have less self esteem, lose their interest in sex, or be very frustrated. 

This can result in depression, or difficulties in a relationship. Erectile dysfunction is a treatable condition, but before and during the treatment it can be difficult for the man to go through this. 

Here’s some advice that can help you and your partner as you work to improve your sex life and treat your sexual dysfunction.

You Need to be Honest:

You need to talk with someone you trust because erectile dysfunction can cause a lot of psychological strain on you. 

You need to discuss this issue with your doctor and your partner during the recovery process. Discuss your problem as this will make the recovery less stressful for you. 

You’ll find a lot of support and help so you can get through your erectile dysfunction issue.

If you aren’t able to get an erection, this doesn’t mean that you have erectile dysfunction. Many factors in life can lead to poor erections. 

Some of this can include stress as well as drugs or alcohol. 

If you have this problem for a long time or you’re not able to get an erection one out of every four tries, then you may have some sort of erectile dysfunction. If this continues to occur then you should seek some sort of treatment.

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Why You Should Seek Help:

Most men will not be able to cope with erectile dysfunction on their own.  Self-diagnosis is very difficult to do because you probably won’t be able to figure out the underlying cause of the erectile dysfunction. 

In younger men that shouldn’t have erectile dysfunction, it’s usually some sort of psychological factor that comes into play such as sexual anxiety or some sort of traumatic sexual experience. 

These sorts of issues can put a strain on a man and lead to issues with their sexual function. If a man has a lot of anxiety during sex, then this usually will occur each time he wants to have sex. 

Younger men that suffer from this sort of issue need to address this problem with a professional.

For older men, erectile dysfunction is usually some sort of physical problem. Erectile dysfunction in older men can indicate some sort of health problems such as blood circulation conditions, heart problems, high cholesterol, or some sort of another issue. 

Treatment for erectile dysfunction in older men is essential as this can indicate the start of a serious medical problem. 

Erectile dysfunction in older men must also be treated because it can damage a relationship or lead to very low self-esteem for the man.

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Your Partner:

Erectile dysfunction can cause a lot of strain in our relationship if there’s not a lot of communication about the issue. 

Support for the partner suffering from erectile dysfunction is important for his recovery from it. 

Seeking medical advice together and providing a lot of emotional support is essential to help a man recover from erectile dysfunction issues.

You both need to know that erectile dysfunction is a real condition just like any other medical condition that needs proper treatment. 

If it’s left unchecked mental health problems can occur for the man or problems with his self-esteem can occur.  Here are some ways you can offer support when a man is going through erectile dysfunction.

  • You need to understand a condition so you know what he is going through.
  • Remind him that the condition is treatable and that it’s very common
  • Encourage him to explore various treatment options with his doctor
  • Show your support and interest in his problem.  You can accompany him to the doctor if he wants you to go with him
  • Change your lifestyle is this will help your partner change his lifestyle as well.  This may mean exercising more often, eating a healthy diet, avoiding excessive alcohol, or stopping smoking.  All of this will help treat erectile dysfunction and help to reduce the problem

get help from an professional and you'll be ok

One of the most important factors in addressing erectile dysfunction is proper communication.  You need to discuss your feelings and share these feelings with your partner. 

He’s needs and concerns are a vital part of his recovery. If both of you continue to have stress or other issues as you try to address erectile dysfunction, consider seeing a specialist as they can help you through this process.

Treatment of Psychological Issues:

In some cases, depression may cause erectile dysfunction.  In this case, there are therapies and antidepressants that can be taken to treat the issue. 

It is important to note that some antidepressants can cause erectile dysfunction, so you need to talk to your doctor to find the best treatment option for any psychological tissue that you might have. 

When you go through a psychological therapy it can help you address anxiety and other issues that you might have regarding sexual activity.

My Conclusion:

Erectile dysfunction is a real and a serious issue. It should be addressed whether you are a younger man or an older man. 

There are many treatment options available for erectile dysfunction and your doctor can help you find the best solution to your erectile dysfunction issue.

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