Colostrum & Penis Enlargement:

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When mammals produce milk in late pregnancy, we get what we call Colostrum. This is also created just after birth occurs. Health products, male enhancement products, and dietary supplements may contain Colostrum.

Colostrum is different from regular milk because it has more antibodies as well as protein content.

Colostrum helps infants get the nutrients that they need for proper health and it works to strengthen their immune system which is weak when they are first born.

They also have a poor digestive system and Colostrum can help.

Some say that the benefits of Colostrum can help adults if they take a Colostrum supplement. Some benefits are said to be more stamina, better immune response and production of human growth factor.

Colostrum & Penis Enlargement:

The increase in growth factor when you take Colostrum can be beneficial in regards to penis enlargement and some studies have indicated this to be the case.

Male that exercise after taking Colostrum saw IGF-1 levels increase in the body after supplementing with it. IGF is an Insulin-like growth factor and a growth as well as protein hormone.

This hormone production is at its peak during the years of puberty. If you take Colostrum you can sustain the production of this hormone beyond puberty and into adulthood.

If you have a better immune function this has a lot of health benefits including male sexual function.

My Conclusion:

If you want a bigger penis you need a good immune system and Colostrum can help. It helps with growth factor production which will strengthen your immune system.

You need good growth factor in the body if you want any sort of good result with penis enlargement routines. Taking Colostrum with a male supplement for penis enlargement is therefore recommended as it can help with the process.

The only thing you need to do is research like your doing now and find a supplement that works for you and has the best and most effective ingredients.

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