The Cheapest Penis Pump In 2017:

Cheap Penis Pump's Really Dont Cut The Mustard

Cheap Penis Pump’s Really Don’t Cut The Mustard

The Cheapest Penis Pump:

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Hello and welcome to today’s review is all about The Cheapest Penis Pump In 2017.

When you buy a penis pump, you should buy one of high quality. For those that don’t have a lot of money to spend it, you sometimes cut corners.

Here’s my review of the cheapest penis pump on the market we could find to see if it lives up to the test.

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My Description Of The Cheapest Penis Pump Around:

This pump is made by Hebei Rongcheng Leisure Plant-Health Products in China. You can get this pump for just $6.95, so it is very cheap, but does it work? The pump came in colorful packaging with Chinese writing on the outside.

It also had English with slogans such as “Harmonious married life,” or “Restore vitality gas.”

When we opened the package, I was struck by a very strong gasoline smell.

The smell stayed on my hands and was very unpleasant.

This smell is due to poor rubber and plastic being used in the construction.

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How To Use The Cheapest Penis Pump In The World:

To use this pump, the handball pushes into the cylinder top. Most pumps use a line between the pumping mechanism and the cylinder.

The unit is very simple to use. I did get some suction by placing the unit against the palm of my hand.

You need to pump it rapidly as slow pumping seemed not to do very much with the unit.

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Features Of The Cheapest Penis Pump In 2017:

  • Orange plastic cylinder at 6.5 inches (16.5cm)
  • Opening at 2 inches (5cm)
  • Has a runner hand-ball pump
  • Included 3 rubber sleeves
  • Strong smell
  • Very small unit

The pump is quite small and most men would fill the entire cylinder. This product is not very useful and there’s no room in the cylinder for expansion of the penis.

Due to the smell of the unit, I was unable to use it. The cylinder from my unit was very poor and there was already a hairline crack in it so there’s no quality control here with these units.

The smell of the unit is enough to put anyone off from using the pump. The sleeve and the seals are made with cheap looking rubber.

The rubber would probably crack and the unit would be useless in a few months.

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My Conclusion On The Cheapest Penis Pump:

It’s best to buy this sort of product from a quality manufacturer.  Pumps that costs less than $10 is going to do nothing for you and they could even be dangerous to your health.

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It’s best to just save your money and get a pump that’s going to work in the way it’s intended. This is an extremely poorly constructed unit and not worth buying.

If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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