Cannabis & Penis Enlargement:

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Cannabis or marijuana is a recreational drug that’s consumed for pleasure or taken for its medical benefits.

In many states, consuming it is now legal, but there’s still a lot of controversy about its use.  Cannabis laws can vary state to state and county to country.

There’s been a lot of research done into the benefits of cannabis as well as the drawbacks to using it. There’s not been a lot of research done on the benefits to male sexuality.

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that shows cannabis has beneficial effects on male enhancement. The medical form of cannabis come from the sativa plant.

In the plant is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It’s not known if this THC is responsible for the sexual effects or if there’s a different compound that produces the effect.

Cannabis is traditionally smoked although it’s also added to food and consumed this way. Vaping is also done as it eliminates most of the harmful smoke which is produced when someone smokes a joint or bowl of cannabis.

If you plan to use cannabis for sexual activity you should consume 5-20mg of cannabis before sexual activity.


  1. May enhance libido
  2. Can bring more sexual excitement
  3. Improves sexual response mechanisms
  4. Can reduce stress
  5. Can improve overall health

Cannabis & Penis Enlargement:

Cannabis in smaller quantities may reduce psychological sexual inhibitions and better erections. If you take too much, this may cause the opposite effects and poor erections.

You may experience more penis sensitivity when you take cannabis. This extra stimulation may occur around 2-3 hours after you take cannabis.

You may experience a longer lasting erection. Cannabis consumption may result in more sexual stamina and help men that ejaculate quickly last longer in the bedroom. Many men have had longer erections that lasted a couple of hours on average and had a harder penis than normal.

Effects of Taking Cannabis:

Most results with cannabis were reported from smoking it, but smoking cannabis can impact the body in negative ways. People may respond differently to cannabis and the impacts one person has may not be the same as another person.

It’s important to note that cannabis consumption is still illegal in many areas and it should only be taken where its legal to do so to avoid criminal prosecution.

Medical Uses:

Only medical grade cannabis should be used for this purpose form vendor that is licensed sell it. This cannabis is to be consumed orally or in food and not smoked.

If you consume cannabis that’s not of a medical grade, the high may be stronger and there may be harmful substance in the cannabis which can impact your make enhancement efforts. There are still conflicting reports on the effect of cannabis as an aphrodisiac.

My Recommendation:

We do not support the use of cannabis by any illegal means. You should only consume cannabis where it’s legal.

There’s some evidence that it can help with male enhancement, although more research needs to be done on its potential impacts in this area.

Some side effects may include a decrease in blood pressure, lower blood sugar, increased appetite, and a slower central nervous system. Sore eyes and other problems have also been reported.

My Conclusion:

There’s some evidence that cannabis can help with male sexual health, although there need to be more studies done.

If you take cannabis for this purpose, do so by legal means if this drug is allowed to be consumed in your area. We take no responsibility if you consume cannabis by illegal means.

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Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

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