Can You Enlarge Your Penis?:

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Many men wonder if penis enlargement is actually possible or if it’s a myth.

The main problem men face is that there’s a lot of very poor-quality products on the market for penis enlargement that doesn’t work as intended.

On the other hand, there are quality products that will help you in your quest to gain a larger penis. Here’s what you need to know about penis enlargement.

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Penis Pills:

One of the common ways to enlarge the penis is with penis pills. These pills work to allow more blood flow into the penis so you get a better erection.

These pills don’t physically make the penis bigger, but they allow it to expand to its maximum size as they get the right blood flow into the penis.

Many men that have poor erections have them because they simply don’t get adequate blood flow to their penis and suffer from erection difficulties.

image of me with male enhancement products under review

Penis Extenders:

When it comes to it growing the size of your penis, you need a top-quality penis extender. These devices use traction over time to lengthen your penis as well as add girth.

One thing to note is that you need weeks to months for these devices to give you gains and you must wear the device for several hours each day.

Penis extenders do work, but you need to be dedicated to the process to see results with them. The Phallosan Extender is a top quality brand to look out for.

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Penis Exercises:

There’s certain exercise like jelquing which can help grow the size of your penis as they encourage new cell growth.

These exercises need to be done on a consistent basis and are often used in conjunction with a penis extender or pump for maximum results.

The one guide I use to great effects is the phalogenics program, you should always complement the use of supplements with a penile exercise program.

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Penis Pumps:

Another way to gain penis length and girth is to use a penis pump. These devices will also add inches to your penis, but it also takes a lot of time and dedication.

Penis extenders are still the better option, but a good pump will help you gain penis size provided you use it over an extended period. There are good brands like Bathmate which are popular.

It Takes Time:

The thing you must remember is that extending the size of your penis takes a lot of time. This is not an overnight process. Most men give up far to easily and aren’t dedicated to the process. If you take the time necessary to allow the process to work, you’ll see gains over time. 

My Conclusion:

You can grow the size of your penis, but it takes time and a dedication to the process. You can expect to spend several weeks or even months for this to happen as it just isn’t an overnight process.

If you dedicate yourself to it, you’ll see the gains that you want over time.

The only thing you need to do is research like your doing now and find a supplement that works for you.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

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