The Best Quick Step Guide To Getting Results From Your Penis Pump

How to Use a Penis Pump to Get Results

So guys here’s my best quick step guide to getting massive results through using a penis pump. There’s a right way and a wrong way so lets get all the FAQs and lets me show you exactly how to get the best out of your penis pump. Oh and which one i use to  get the growth i want.
To treat erectile dysfunction, a penis pump is often used. This device can also increase the girth and the length of the penis. A vacuum is created inside a glass or a plastic cylinder which goes around the penis. The pumping action creates air pressure inside of the tube to decrease and the penis begins to swell because of this.
The penile tissues expand and this results in newer cells which enlarge the penis. If the penis remains in this condition over time, then there can be permanent gains in penis size. Here’s how to use a penis pump properly so you avoid penile injuries.

Put the Tube Around Your Penis

Put the tube around your penis and remove the air with the pumping mechanism which creates a vacuum. You want to time the pumping action. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended that you only use the pump for about fifteen minutes. Refer to the manufacturers instructions on how to control the pressure level.
DO not exceed the pumping action and pay attention to how you feel. Look at the vacuum degree in the pump and don’t exceed the limits which are defined by the manufacturer. Reduce the pressure of the pump every ten to fifteen minutes to allow fresh blood to flow into your penis.
You may want to use a lubricant inside the pump on your penis as this may reduce irritation or friction from the device. There’s many devices that you can choose from in the market, put there’s two main categories of pumps which are:
  • Manual pumps
  •  Electrical pumps


As a beginner, you should use a manual pump which are hand-operated. This reduces the risk of damage and injury. Once your penis is used to the pumping action, you can then use electrical pumps.  A manual device creates a vacuum inside the cylinder by using the pumping mechanism. A better-operated machine will create the pressure automatically once you hit the start button.

Tips for Penis Pumping

  •  Pick a device that’s right for your needs. To avoid unwanted results, you should pick a tube that’s transparent. You’ll be able to follow the pumping process and watch how your penis responds to it. This will help prevent irritation or discoloration.
  • Make sure you take accurate measurements of your penis so you pick the right size of pump. You can refer to the sizing recommendations provided by the manufacturer.
  • You want a tube that fits your penis size. You don’t want a large device as it won’t make you bigger and in fact you may cause injuries due to overpumping. A smaller tube is recommended for growth and optimal expansion of your penis.
  • Decide where you’re going to use the penis pump Some pumps are shower only or used in open air.
  •  You want a pump with a pressure gauge. This allows you to control the pressure of the pump and the vacuum inside the cylinder. You don’t want excessive pressure as this will cause pain or injury. Lower pressure on the other hand won’t give you any enhancement results.
  • If you’re a beginner, you don’t want to create high vacuums and don’t exceed 4.5 inches of Mercury during the first few months of use. When you have practice and knowledge, then you can go higher.A cock ring can be used after pumping. This holds the blood in the penis and will encourage the enlargement process. The CTC company offers the Stallion Cock Cushions Set which is one of the better cock rings you can buy.
As you gain experience after a few months, try spiking the pumping process. You can set the baseline vacuum to -4.5 inches of Mercury and go to a higher level, then return to the baseline. It’s recommended that you start with -4.5 inches of Mercury and then increase to about -7 for around ten to fifteen seconds.
Many men end up having edema after using penis pumps. Edema is a side effect of using penis pumps. The penis will look swollen since it’s had fluid accumulate in it. If you get this condition, reduce the pressure and use athletic bands or condoms over your penis. This helps support the shaft of the penis and will reduce swelling.

Techniques for Penis Pumping

If you want to increase the size of your penis with penis pumps, then you need some techniques so you can get a good increase in size. Here’s a few techniques that you can follow.

Tube Milking

Milking is an efficient and popular technique used when penis pumping. This will promote and maintain the blood circulation while training the internal chambers of your penis.
This milking process is like masturbation, but you’re using a penis pump. Move the cylinder up and down during the pumping process. It’s recommended to begin this milking process about five to seven minutes after you start the pumping so you can get used to the pumping process. Don’t use any force and go at a smooth pace. Don’t milk for a long period as you can have swelling.

Pulse Style Pumping

It’s recommended to use different pressure levels when penis pumping as this promotes expansion of the tissues and cells. During the session, change the pressure. The highest pressure is 5 in.Hg.
You want to lower this gradually after a minute a and then go back to the maximum level. You should repeat this process. This method works well because it improve blood circulation and will exercise the inner part of your penis.


If you want great results when penis pumping, then the cylinder should be place don an erect penis. The longer that your session is and the longer the penis remains in the tube, the more difficult it is to get a proper erection. You want to stimulate the nerve endings and encourage blood flow which will maintain the proper erection level.
Shake the tube up and down and make rocking motions with your hips. Apply some moderate force, but avoid hard pressure to increase your erection. You can also change the intensity of your movements.


For proper penis enlargement, you need more blood flow to your penis. One way to get this is to use wrapping. This is a simple method where you wrap the tube with a heating device like am electric heating pad when you pump. Don’t leave the pump on for an extended time. The cylinder will get hot and you may receive a burn or other damage to your penis.

Penis Pumps and Erectile Dysfunction

Pumping devices are usually used to improve erectile dysfunction in men. The pump creates a vacuum inside and this stimulates the blood flow to your penis. If you’re treating erectile dysfunction, remove the pump when you have an erection and then use a cock ring to keep the blood in your penis. This will help you keep your erection and improve the function of your penis.

Risks with Penis Pumps

You won’t increase the size of your penis quickly, even with long and intense pumping sessions. You will get results with penis pumping when you use the right size of pump. You must follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to see results. You cannot force penis growth, it takes time.
By using methodical and gradual penis pumping, you will grow your penis. Hard and intense pumping will only lead to injury and disappointment. Here are some recommendations for success:
Make sure you do pumping for a limited time and do it slowly. If you’re a beginner, your pumping session should not exceed thirty minutes and don’t exceed two times per day. If you’re an intermediate penis pumper, then the session can last about 1-1.5 hours. If you’re an advanced user, then use the pump for 2-3 hours and perform several sessions per day.
Make sure you avoid excessive pumping. This is a common mistake that many men make when penis pumping. You should monitor the time of your session so you have an effective session and avoid injuries.
Make sure you take breaks when penis pumping. You want to release the air pressure in your penis and improve the penis blood flow. You should take 3-5 minutes breaks every 15 minutes. If you’re doing a low level of penis pumping, then you can take a break every 30 minutes. When you have a break, you can massage the penis, perform jelquing exercises or stretching.

My own personal Conclusion on the use of penis pumps

To treat erectile dysfunction, you can get results with a penis pump. They are efficient and safe when used properly. These pumps increase girth and length in your penis. Use a correct cylinder size and the right pressure gauge.
Start using the device slowly and follow the manufacturers recommendations. Make sure you avoid high-pressure levels, and overpumping to avoid injuries. One device we recommend for penis pumping, is Bathmate Originals.
I hope I covered everything and haven’t missed anything,
Have fun and above all stay safe

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