Best 2019 Penis Pumps:

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It can be quite difficult to find a good penis pump as many of them are quite poorly made. You may have already bought one and been disappointed with it. 

I have reviewed many of these products for you and in this review, I lay out the best penis pumps you can buy on the current market.

All About Penis Pumps:

The penis pump is a very popular device to grow the size of your penis. Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and a good pump can help men overcome this problem.

There’s many of these devices so the market, but the vast majority of them don’t work very well or are made with very poor-quality materials.

I checked several pumps to see what are the best ones for your needs. Some of the criteria I based by tests on include:

  • The effectiveness
  • The quality of the pump
  • How much support you get from the company
  • The price of the pump
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Penomet Penis Pump:

One of the top penis pumps you’ll want to consider is the Penomet pump.

This pump has won several awards and it’s one of the most well-known pumps in the male enhancement industry.

This pump is the perfect way to improve your erection and to grow your penis over time. This pump uses water so it’s called a “hydro” pump. It doesn’t use the traditional air pressure that other pumps use.

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Hydromax Pumps:

You may also want to consider Hydromax pumps. There are several different Hydromax pumps that can accommodate men of various penis size.

The build quality of these pumps is a bit lower than the Penomet brand, but they are still very high-quality penis pumps.

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Bathmate Penis Pumps:

This is another pump that uses water instead of air. This pump has been improved over the years and is now a very high-quality pump.

This pump tend to be cheaper that the other pumps so it may be the best option for those that want to save some money on penis pumps that they buy.

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Using a Penis Pump:

These devices are easy to use and are also quite successful at building up the size of your penis. You will also get a stronger erection by using a penis pump.

These pumps have three main parts which consist of:

  • Pump base – this creates a tight seal around the penis
  • Cylinder – This holds the penis inside of the pump
  • Pump – this is usually on the top of the cylinder and will pump out the air or water depending on the pump type

These pumps create a vacuum and when you pump the penis, you’ll get gains in penis size due to the pressure placed on the penis through the device and more blood flow into the penis.

You will get a very strong erection when you use this type of device. The pump can help prepare you for sexual activity if you usually have a poor erection before you have sex.

The penis will have micro tears in the cells during this pumping process and over time, you’ll gain a longer and a thicker penis.

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She Was More Than Happy In The Bed

Are Water Pumps a Better Option than Air Pumps?

The penis pump industry has seen a switch towards water based penis pumps as they work better than regular air based pumps. Here’s a few reason’s why these pumps are better than their air counterparts:

  • Water provides a better seal than air
  • The water softens the skin so it’s more elastic
  • When you use water, you get a better vacuum
  • It can be used without water if you like

Air has a few good points as well which are as follows:

  • Air pumps are cheaper than their water counterparts
  • You can use the air pump in the bedroom
  • Air may help you get an erection faster

In general terms, the water pump is usually a better option and I no longer use air pumps for male enhancement.


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The Results:

Water based penis pumps can not only help you get a better erection, but they can help men that have erectile dysfunction.

If you’re older, this can be a common problem and a penis pump can help you overcome these difficulties.

These pumps work better than prescription medications because while these medications can work, they often have very serious side effects and some men can’t even take them if they are on certain medications.

Surgery can also work in some cases, but it’s very expensive and often has serious side effects or doesn’t work at all.

Many doctors will advice patients that have erectile dysfunction to use a penis pump because it works better than other methods.

The Benefits:

  • Gives you a stronger erection for sex
  • Increases the size of your penis over time if you use it on a regular basis
  • The pump is an effective method for penis enlargement
  • These devices are affordable when you compare them to other methods
  • The pumps are non-invasive so there’s no need for surgery
  • You can combine pumps with other treatment such as penis pills for a better effect

The Safety:

When you compare penis pumps to other methods, they are very safe. There’s usually not a lot of side effects when you use penis pumps.

In most cases, you’ll have some mild discomfort at first as you get used to the pressure of a penis pump, but the body will adjust to this over time.

Water pumps are generally more comfortable than air based pumps.

You should use the pump for 10-20 minutes each day, but don’t go over this amount to ensure comfort and effectiveness of your pump.

You want to monitor the pressure of your pump as you use it. Beginners should only use the pump for 10-12 minutes at first until they adjust to the pressure.

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Always Look For A Quality Brand

Things to Consider Before Buying:

  • A curved penis will fit into a wider tube like a Penomet
  • A thin and short pump will be outgrown in a short duration if you have an average penis size
  • A large pump will last a long time if you take care of your device

Why a Pump?:

A pump is the best way to treat erectile dysfunction. These are better treatment options to pills because you must keep taking pills to see real results with them.

Pills come with many side effects and pumps just don’t have these sort of side effects.

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It’s estimated that 79% of males that are sexually active have some sort of erectile dysfunction or issues with premature ejaculation at some point in their lives.

User Testimonials:

It’s important to read reviews about penis pumps to understand how these pumps have helped other people. Here’s a few of those reviews for your consideration.

Ken, “I was skeptical, but my pump works well.”

John, “I’ve used a pump for some time and it’s improved my erectile dysfunction. I know have a harder erection and can have sex again like before.”

Mike, “My erections are huge now. I tried a Bathmate and this is the best product I have used to enlarge my penis, bar none.”

Eric, I’ve tried pills, but they didn’t work too well for me. I found out I’m allergic to them from my doctor, so he suggested a penis pump. My erections are now harder than before and I’m happy with my penis pump.”

Steve, Penis Pumps really do help with erectile dysfunction or other sexual issues. I’m glad I bought one.”

My Conclusion:

If you suffer form erectile problems or just want a larger and harder penis, you should consider a penis pump.

Make sure you go with one of the brands mentioned in this article as these are the best options for men that want quality male enhancement results.

I recommend Bathmate Hydro as i have used it to great effect and its given me an extra few inches in length and girth.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith

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