Bee Pollen & Penis Enlargement:

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Bee pollen is collected by bees and it’s eaten by humans. This pollen contains a wide range of nutrients. It’s usually consumed as a powder or pollen balls.

Different pollens samples will have various nutrient properties. It’s usually consumed in a beverage or eaten with a meal.


  1. Promotes good general health
  2. Has essential nutrients
  3. Bee Pollen and Penis Enlargement:

There have been no significant studies on bee pollen and its effects on male impotence. I did take some bee pollen and added it to my tea, but saw no changes in my body after consuming it.

In general, bee pollen will probably not give you any benefit in terms of male enhancement and it’s probably a waste of your money in this regard.

There’s a wide range of nutrients in bee pollen and it’s healthy, but it has no effect in terms of enlarging the penis or giving you better sexual function. Doctors and the medical profession state that bee pollen has little impact on health even though you do get nutrients from consuming it.

 Nutrient Profile:

  • 40 to 60% sugars
  • 1-32% fatty acids
  • 2-60% proteins
  • 3% minerals and vitamins
  • 5% other types of nutrients

Bee pollen also has bacteria and various fungi which are generally not harmful to you. If you have an allergy to pollen, you may not want to take bee pollen.

You would consult a doctor prior to use if you have allergies to ensure that bee pollen is safe for you to consume. It’s important to understand that bee pollen is not honey.

My Conclusion:

Bee pollen can be healthy for you to consume, but it has no impact on male sexual health. Those with allergies should consult a doctor if they want to take bee pollen for the nutrients it can provide for you.

If you’re looking for male enhancement, look elsewhere as bee pollen won’t do anything for you.

Now there is no real need to spend your hard earned money trying to achieve a better quality sex life, you need to know what works and how and know where to get it.

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Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

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