Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump Review 2017:

Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump In All It's Glory

Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump In All It’s Glory

Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump Review:

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Hello and welcome to today’s review is all about The Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump.

This pump is a motorised penis pump which looks a bit like a water pipe or a bong. The pump might look a bit strange, but it does work for what it’s intended for.

The Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump and Whats In The Kit

The Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump and Whats In The Kit

Description Of Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump:

The Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump is made by Pipedream. The product looks nice and it will help you increase your erection size.

The cylinder is made well and it has a good motor. The pump is professional grade and it will give you results right away through the motorised pump.

The unit takes three AAA batteries. All you do is push one button to build up your vacuum around the penis.

Acrylic material is used to make the cylinder and the motor housing is made of tough ABS plastic so it’s a well-made unit. There’s two buttons one to turn the pump on and another to release the vacuum of the pump.

On the base of the cylinder, there’s a sleeve which seals the unit so there can be a vacuum created.

This sleeve is made from flexible thermoplastic rubber or TPR and you can remove this to clean it. The unit comes with a penis ring which will constrict the base of the penis so an erection can be maintained.

They can also prolong the session and keep the penis hard during the session.

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Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump Help’s You To Last Longer In Bed

Using the Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump:

The pump does look professional and made from quality materials. The pump is easy to use and the button control is at an angle that you can reach while placing the unit over your penis.

The unit only requires a few AAA batteries for operation. The pump does provide a good vacuum, but I feel it could have provided a bit more suction.

This was because of the seal on the unit, but I was able to fix this by wrapping twist ties around the sleeve so it sealed a bit better.

When I did this, the vacuum of the unit was improved. I don’t know if this is an issue with all the units.

I used a lot of lube with the unit and within a few seconds, I was inside the tube and the suction was quite good. Once I was able to seal the unit properly, it worked well and I had a good hard on within seconds.

I felt the Auto-Vac provide a good amount of suction. The motor was able to handle the sessions I put it through without any problems.

The vacuum has a quick release so you can dial down the vacuum to the level that you like.

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Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump And All It's Features

Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump And All its Features

Features Of The Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump:

  1. It’s 9.125” (23.2 cm) long
  2. The inner diameter at the base is 2.25” (5.7 cm)
  3. The weight is 0.75 lbs.
  4. Features push button pump controller
  5. Has a quick release valve
  6. It needs 3 AAA batteries for operation
  7. The cylinder is made from clear plastic
  8. The sleeve is made from TPR
  9. You get a penis ring with the unit
  10. Cleaner and lube also included

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My Conclusion- The Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump:

The Auto-Vac Pro Power Pump has a good pumping action and it was a comfortable unit to use. It got larger within seconds.

The clear tube allowed me to see the results I was getting with the unit. You can add and release the vacuum pressure with ease.

The sleeve was a bit of an issue and if it was a bit better this pump with have an exceptional value. As it stands, the unit is still quite good.

If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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