Apigenin for Penile Enlargement:

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In chamomile, you’ll find a flavonoid called Apigenin. This substance is known to reduce anxiety and it can be a sedative too when taken at larger dosages. 

It’s known as an anti-cancer compound and it’s safe to take. You can get it through whole food consumption as it’s found in artichoke, celery, parsley, as well as the chamomile plant.

Apigenin & Male Enhancements:

You can also find this substance in male enhancement products in some cases. It can support blood vessel health which is critical for proper erections to form. Some benefits of this substance include:

  1. Reduction in anxiety
  2. Better general health
  3. Relaxation and sedative qualities at higher dosages
  4. Supports blood vessel health for better erections

Apigenin is a bioflavonoid from the citrus family and it can be used to prevent and treat cancer. 

It has a high dosage of vitamin C and when you have bioflavonoids like apigenin, they work to enhance blood vessel health. When you have good blood vessel health, you’ll have a better erection.

Anxiety Reduction and Relaxation:

If you have stress and anxiety, this can impact your sexual performance. Apigenin will reduce stress and anxiety do you perform at your best in the bedroom. 

It will also help you relax and it can repair penis tissues too from exercises or other penis enlargement techniques you may be involved in. 

More research is being done to see how apigenin helps the body relax. Apigenin can help the penis recover a bit from exercise, but more research has to be done to discover the extent that it improves penile tissue health.

Other Benefits:

  • Can help repair skin cancer
  • Can help fight prostate cancer
  • Can fight colon cancer

My Recommendation:

You can get a good regular dosage of this from natural food, so a supplement is not needed. Drinking chamomile tea, eating celery, and parsley should give you a good amount of it. 

These foods alone have good cancer-fighting properties as well as the added benefits of penis enlargement.

My Conclusion:

If you’re concerned about your general health as well as the health of your penis, then adding Apigenin to your diet is recommended. 

You can get it from whole foods so supplements are not needed. It will stimulate blood flow to the penis and it’s also a great anti-cancer fighter as it’s full of flavonoids which protect the body from cellular damage. 

Apigenin is recommended for any penis enlargement routine.

Have fun and above all stay safe

Tim Smith

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