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There are plenty of male enhancement products on the market so there is a wide range of choice. 

A lot of this choice can be misleading as many products are very poor or do next to nothing for you. 

Some of them use different ingredients and become some sort of a fad.  You need to be wary of these products and be an informed consumer. 

I have reviewed quite a few male enhancement products and in this review, look at AntlerX.

All About:

One of the newest fads in male enhancement products is to include deer antler in a supplement.

This is supposed to make you look to younger and increase human growth hormone in your body. 

Dee antler extract has been shown to increase muscle mass, increase muscle performance, and improve your athletic ability to some degree. 

Some men that have taken it to claim to have enhanced sex drive after using it.

Deer antler velvet grows on top of the new antlers in the springtime.  The substance contains a growth hormone which causes cell generation. 

The velvet works with human growth hormone and stimulates the muscle growth and protein synthesis.  According to the manufacturer, you need to use the supplement several times per day for around five weeks to see results. 

There’s also a few other ingredients in this supplement such as zinc, B vitamins, amino acids, and Tribulus Terrestris which can raise testosterone levels.

The world anti-doping agency bans the use of deer antler velvet and AntlerX.  If you’re any sort of professional athlete, I would not use this product because you may get tested.

I did try this supplement but I didn’t see any effects from taking it. 

Since this product is probably processed a lot much and the potency was probably lost during the manufacturing process so it just didn’t work the way that it might have.

My Conclusion:

You shouldn’t buy this product.  Deer antler extract can be effective, but this product just didn’t work.  You need the right form of deer velvet such as a powder or in capsules and not a liquid which the supplement consisted of. 

If you use a product over time, it may work for you or it may not there’s just no way of knowing.  If you do decide to use deer velvet, make sure you use a form that actually works as AntlerX just produced no results.  

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith

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